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ABBA Cars Technology
At ABBA Cars we believe in reinvestment of our profits to better our services. Of the many reinvestments include investments into technology. With the fast growing advancements in technology, we have transformed the way by which we operate. At ABBA Cars we use a modern telephone system where we have active ‘screen popping’, our system picks up your telephone number and saves it in the computer mainframe where all records are held. Therefore the following time which you call us, before we even answer the call we know exactly who and where the call is from. An average booking at ABBA Cars takes 15 seconds.All bookings made by telephone are recorded and we monitor calls on a daily basis to ensure that they are being dealt with efficiently. We can see exactly where every vehicle is via our vehicle tracking system from our office. This provides us with real time location of all our vehicles, simultaneously on a computerized map. So when the control staff say the driver is 2 minutes from your door step, they mean exactly that. Whether for business or pleasure we trust that we will be able to provide the right service for you taking you to your destination in comfort and style. Our range of services are as diverse as our client base, anyone can book any vehicle at any time. Payment can be made by cash, by all major credit cards or via a wide range of flexible Corporate Account facilities.Our highly trained staffs have sound industry knowledge and hence possess all the necessary qualities to answer all your queries. All our drivers are licensed by the public carriage office and further vetted by the Criminal Records Bureau to ensure passenger safety; they are also required to carry out a medical examination to ensure they are in a fit and healthy state. All our drivers must wear their licensed badges issued by Transport for London at all times.
As for our vehicles, they are also licensed by Transport for London and undergo strict testing to make sure the vehicle is fit for service. We will try to make booking online as quick and easy as possible, regardless if you are in London or abroad by offering a cash or credit card booking system.Please navigate through our site you will discover a complete range of integrated service for any number of passengers or documents, our modern fleet is backed by GPS Satellite, Date Dispatch and tracking technology, we provide a range of vehicles through every category of Car, MPV (People Carriers) and Executive Cars.
If you would like further information on our service or have any questions that still remain unanswered then please contact us or call us on 020 8672 9000.

Passenger Safety
Make Sure You Get Into A Licensed Minicab. In London alone, recent statistics show that 11 women are attacked each month after taking an unlicensed minicab. 80% of stranger rapes are committed by unlicensed minicab drivers. When travelling with ABBA Cars you can always be assured you are getting into a safe and reliable minicab.If you would like further information on our service or have any questions that still remain unanswered then please contact us or phone us on 020 8672 9000


We are currently operating cars in South London areas and Central London.

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Local & Long distance transfers Pick up ANY TIME - ANY WHERE Executive Cars (24 hours notice required) Estate 7 seater cars on request Pickup Service from airport, hospital, train stations, West End Pre book your Mini cab for airport/train station drops