a) Do I need experience?

Experience in the trade is not necessary. However good knowledge of London and being able to speak good fluent English is a requirement. Further to this you are required to hold a license issued by the public carriage office.

b) How much can I earn?

This is a rhetorical question, how much are you willing to work? The more journeys you complete the more money you will earn. This is completely in your own hands.

c) Will I be employed by ABBA Cars?

No you will be self employed.

d) How will work be allocated to me?

We use a state of the art booking and dispatch system. Work will be allocated to you via an PDA system. You will receive full training on how to use this system.

e) What do I need to become a driver?

To start with ABBA Cars, you will require PCO license, Full driving license, fully licensed vehicle.
If you would like further information on our service or have any questions that still remain unanswered then please contact us or phone us on 020 8672 9000